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Wai Young


Wai Young has deep roots in Vancouver South, and a longstanding passion for building stronger communities. As a policy consultant and long-time community activist, Wai has over 30 years experience developing social policies and programs in Vancouver and across Canada. Highlights of her work include:

• Developed services for immigrants with agencies such as S.U.C.C.E.S.S., the Immigrant Services Society, and MOSAIC.
• Developed youth-at-risk programs.
• Worked to incorporate work experience into the BC school curriculum.
• Established Canada’s first Foster Parent Training program.
• Assisted in founding the Canadian Immigrant Settlement Sector Alliance, a national umbrella organization for 450 settlement agencies across Canada.
• Developed LINC/ELSA, a national English training program for newcomers.


Wai has successfully delivered results for Vancouver South. Together with Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative team, she is delivering the lowest taxes for Canadians in 50 years, a balanced budget, and economic leadership during global uncertainty. Her major accomplishments include:

• Delivering $2.5 million for the South Vancouver Seniors Centre – after 15 years of inaction from previous MPs.
• Delivering $220 million for 60 major infrastructure projects in Vancouver.
• Providing strong leadership on expanding Asia-Pacific Trade, such as working to establish North America’s first Renminbi Trading Hub in Canada.

In Parliament, Wai was elected Co-Chair of the Canada-China Legislative Association, and served on the following Standing Committees: Public Safety and National Security, Transport and Infrastructure, and Status of Women.

Wai is an alumna of UBC and Killarney Secondary School. She is a proud mom of twins and has cared for seven foster children in her home.

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Economic Leadership

During these times of global uncertainty, Canada’s economic recovery has lead the G-7 under the leadership of Prime Minister Harper. Our Conservative record: 1.2 million net new jobs created since 2009 — mostly full-time, well-paying, and in the private sector. Real GDP is significantly above pre-recession levels — the best performance in the G–7. Soundest banking system […]


Delivering Results for Vancouver South

Wai Young is an effective local voice delivering results for our community. Together with Prime Minister Harper and the Conservative team, she is delivering lower taxes for families, a balanced budget, and economic leadership during global uncertainty. Her major accomplishments include: Fighting for and delivering $2.5 million for the South Vancouver Seniors Centre – after […]


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Your family and your future are important to me. I will continue to work hard with Prime Minister Harper to create jobs, lower taxes, and keep Canada safe during uncertain times in our world.

- Wai Young

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